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Newsreels and Historical Events

A sizeable chunk of history can be found in our stockpile of newsreels and historical footage, including: footage from the World Wars, tickertape parades, presidents, communists, riots, nuclear blasts, paparazzi, the Pope, civil rights, natural disasters, important speeches, Kings and Queens, rock 'n roll, movie stars, and other important people and events






2006 marks the centennial plus ten of the telephone, and boy have we come a long way in that short time. Our Communications Collection tells all, from the beginnings of smoke signals and pony express to the telegraph, radio, families watching TV, the earliest film images, record players, telephone operators, antennaes, radio telescopes, satellites, microwaves and computers.





Weird and Wacky

Ever seen dogs yodel? The Irish smack-your-partner dance? A guy pound a nail up his nose? The power of Hollywood and quest for stardom has inspired some truly bizarre and disturbing footage, a good amount of which can be found in our library, such as: Early flight failures, wacky car crashes, natural phonemena, stupider animal tricks, questionable inventions, even more questionable rituals, circus acts, snake charmers ... the list goes on...




Cartoons and Animation

Nothing like cartoons to conceive the inconceivable. For instance, we've got dogs playing poker, baby factories, three little pigs, fish smoking cigars (smoked salmon?) and mad scientists (is there another kind?) and so on.... But wait, there's more ... we also have early claymation (dinosaurs fighting and the like), stop animation with puppets, and educational animation films covering all kinds of subjects.




Americana: 1890's-1990's

From the birth of film (1890s) to the post-Reagan years, our archival collections have it all in color, black and white, archival and contemporary. The American lifestyle evolves as historical events and cultural factors unfold decade by decade. Witness traffic jams, urban scenes, families, sports and recreation, romance, workers, immigrants and much more as they existed over the last century. We have extra-fancy items that feature, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO the following decades:




The 1950's

The post-war era lives and breathes in our collection of 1950's material: Repressed instructional dating films, early commercials, film trailers, intermission pieces, early television, 50's families, hula hoops, car hops, future cars, future homes, sock hops, dancing, 50's personalities (Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Beatles, Jackie Robinson, Joe DiMaggio, etc.)




The 1960's

From deep within the Footage World headquarters exudes remnant flower power from our 1960's footage. See boomers in their proper element: protests, hippie communes, Beatles, riots, concerts, "dancing", smoking controlled substances, colorful buses and pychedelic light shows. It all comes with Civil Rights footage (MLK, Black Panthers, Stokely Charmichael, Selma, marches, firehoses, more riots etc.) and Vietnam War footage. And don't forget the inexplicably straight side of the decade: Families vacationing, go-go boots, surfers and the Space Age.



The 1970's

Get down and boogie with the Me Generation. There's no shortage of horrific bell bottom fashions or funky disco dancing in this collection. Also comes with: big computers, roller coasters, DJ's, wide collars, news footage, popular personalities (Elton John, Cesar Chavez, Tricky Dick Nixon, Charles Manson), bad hair, early home video games and so much more.





Fly to the moon and play amongst the stars! Our stellar collection of the final frontier let's you see it all from the comforts of your own monitor. Check out blast-offs, Skylab, solar flares, eclipses, astronaut training, galaxies, zero gravity, timelapse starry nights, planets, chimps in space, shooting stars, observatories, earth portraits, cosmonauts, NASA and, of course, their space shuttles.




Industry and Science

From heartlands to high tech labs, have a look at our nation's products and progress: wheat fields give way to computers and coalmining, cotton and windmills, auto assembly lines, cells splitting, x-rays, solar power, construction workers, scientists, surgeons, waterwheels, lasers, robots, crop harvesting, nuclear power and steel mills. Comes in archival, contemporary, color, and black & white flavors.




Travel and Adventure

Our travelogues and travel footage are the next best thing to being there. Visit your favorite cities, like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle...Baltimore? Or your favorite states, like Alaska, Hawaii, the Midwest, the Wild West, the South. Or your favorite parts of the world, like France, Italy, Spain, Greece, India, China, Japan, Egypt, Russia, Tahiti, Antartica, Africa,'s all right here.





Nature Scenics

Need to relax? Our beautiful collection of natural scenics can help: Beautiful rivers, waterfalls and rainbows, lightning strikes, sunsets, sunrises, beautiful carribean beaches, palm trees, winter wonderlands, desert scenery, deep blue oceans, rolling hills, spacious skies, amber waves of grain, purple mountains of majesty....






Time really flies in this collection. Flowers bloom in seconds, clouds bubble and race by, suns plummet, traffic streams through highways, people really move, rivers rage, and stars spin wildly in the night sky. Pick your's all pretty.






Got a weak stomach? Be sure to pack some dramamine for this stuff. Our flying ace cinematographers have shot beautiful aerials of rocky shorelines, urban cityscapes, industrial centers, blimps, bridges, boats, stadiums, the Pentagon and other D.C. landmarks, the Concord and other jets in flight, the Statue of Liberty, green hills, residential areas, highways, and cities from around the world. Works well when choppers don't fit into your budget...





See who and what goes on in the other three quarters of the planet's surface. Colorful fish swimming for the halibut, manta reys drifting without a poirpose, octupi playing a bass, whales, killer whales, coral reefs, seals, and sharks sharks sharks! But we aren't limited to marine life. A host of humans can be found in sychronized swimming, underwater ballet and boxing, deep sea divers, frogmen, torpedoes and your basic scuba outfits.




Wildlife & Nature

Wildlife sure can be cute and, then, distrubing. One minute, you're fawning over cute white lion cubs, bunnies, and baby bears ... the next, you're watching wild hyenas munch on zebra-pot-pie. Whatever your taste, we have it: Polar bears, pandas, rhinos, gators, cheetahs, cattle stampedes, flocks of sheep, owls, eagles, camels, gnus, hippos, monkeys, mooses (meese?), lions and tigers and bears oh my! We got insects too! spiders, bee colonies, scorpions, ants, ladybugs, maggots, young grasshoppers, and beetles galore.





Our contemporary collection features the best and latest 35mm color images and High-Definition images: Traffic jams, urban centers, marathons, lab techs, high speed trains, malls, baseball, vineyards, mansions, farm, factories...there's very little our cinematographers have not captured on film or hi-def.





Comedy & Slapstick

Back when pie fights were still funny, talented vaudevillians flooded the silver screen...and the result? The oodles of wacky comedies from the golden age of silent cinema that have ended up in our library!! See horrific tooth-pulling, cars chasing pianos, keystone cops, damsels in distress, punches, kicks, trips, and spills, falling off ladders & into manholes, early drag queens, slipping on banana peels and, yes, the ubiquitous pie fights! It's a barrel of laughs, so be prepared.





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